M J & COMPANY is a full-service Indian Law Firm, established in the year 2002 by an experienced legal professional Mr Manoj K. Jain, Advocate, who is in the legal profession since the year 1989. The firm is capable of meeting professional demands and expectations in a highly satisfactory manner. The lawyers/associates of the firm pose extensive professional knowledge and capabilities, that are continuously updated and to improve upon so as to meet current legal requirements. The firm benchmarks its performance against leading practices and results to be achieved. 

In last decade, social and business environment has changed drastically world over and need of specialised services have emerged specifically in the areas of international business and trade, protection of the environment and to fight climate change. Such changes have called for a paradigm shift in the thought process, particularly in legal service domain to meet the requirement of the time. Keeping aforesaid in focus, the firm has adopted and improved its practices accordingly. Over the years, M J & COMPANY has developed into a full-service firm having the expertise to deal with the matters of Commercial disputes, Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration etc in the field of social, commercial and environment. 


The mission of the firm is to provide constructive, objective and cost-effective advice to its clients for expeditious resolution of disputes and to ensure equitable justice to its clients through different legal modes.

The objective is to offer client satisfaction 
with the best possible solution 
along with our own satisfaction with our work. 

We commit ourselves to look after the interests of our clients for all times even after the completion of a specific assignment.


We keep our clients updated on the latest developments in their cases and possible opportunities to protect their interests in the changing legal environment. Our professional services are all need-based. We provide customised legal advice and committed services only after perusing and understanding the risk, rights and interests of the client involved in the matter. Our dedicated team of experts gives accurate legal advice, based on the analysis of the facts and circumstances of the case, issues involved, related laws and interpretations gives by various Courts, in the shortest possible time.


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