Online Dispute Resolution Services

In a modern and quickly moving world, parties find themselves in different locations, time zones and jurisdictions. Also during difficult times requiring only essential travel, social distancing and self-isolation, adoption of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mechanism, supported by the law, to get a speedy resolution of the disputes in a cost-effective manner has become necessary so that resolution of the dispute does not miss its efficacy.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, showing no signs of abating, the operation of the courts has been significantly disrupted and worldwide disruption in all facets of life seems set to continue. The legal system in India is no exception including the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism, which has also been adversely affected. 

Many clients are wondering what impact the restrictions on our movement will have on their upcoming/ pending disputes. 

Against this backdrop, exploring the early settlement of disputes through online, using technology in a fast and effective manner is required to be started into greater focus for a variety of disputes.

An online mediation services platform to resolve a variety of disputes in any location in India, where disputing parties can approach for the speedy and cost-effective resolution of their disputes as per law without approaching to the courts or police stations for the immediate solution to their disputes.


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